Cosmetic Shop Interior Design

The cosmetic shop interior design with wooden elements and bright lighting decoration, including the wall display shelves, counter, cosmetic gondolas, display tables and free-standing display stands, are mainly made of MDF. Even wood-grain LED lights are used in the selection of lamps. This is more in line with product positioning for the cosmetic shop interior design and allows customers to see the products in the store more clearly.

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Cosmetic Shop Interior Design

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retail store, shopping mall, specialty store, exhibition showroom, etc.


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The back panel and drawers of the cosmetic rack are made by MDF. Metal frame is mat white painting finished. Ash veneer laminate for drawers and include light box on the top. You can print your logo or advertising signs on it. The light box and signs can be customized into flexible sections for us to adjust more conveniently. Generally use MDF baking varnish or solid wood veneer panels or silver mirrors and other finishes.

The size of the cosmetic gondola can be customized according to your requirements. If you no ideas for the sizes or materials, we have very professional and experienced design team who can help you.

It is worth mentioning that this cashier can put your recommended products, so that customers can recommend your products at checkout, and increase the sales rate.

Our store display fixtures choose high-grade environmentally friendly paint for the cosmetic shop interior design , which has a smooth feel, uniform color and good gloss. The effect of the baking paint can be as bright as a mirror. The gloss and matte can be selected according to customer requirements.

If you like this design, but there is no display fixtures suitable for your store. Don't worry, we can provide you with enough types of display furnitures to choose, such as wall shelf without drawers, display cabinet with mirror, plinth, metal display stand and etc.


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●3 layers: EPE foam + Bubble flim + playwood box

●Foam and corrugated kraft paper wrapping with corner protection

●It is packed separately and assembled on site

●EPE Cotton - Bubble Pack - Corner Protector - Kraft Papera - Wood Box

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