What Should Be Paid Attention To In The Arrangement Of Potted Plants In Hotel Decoration

Date:Jan 01, 2019

The arrangement of potted plants in hotel decoration is ubiquitous, because daily greening is an essential element in hotel decoration. They not only embellish the environment, rendering the atmosphere, but also at any time let guests enjoy the green plants to adjust the busy life, enjoy the serenity of this moment.

Most of them are arranged in front of the hotel, on either side of the corridor, in more spacious walls or in the middle (such as meeting rooms), Hall corners (including staircase corners, room corners).

Potted plant placement is also a need to pay attention to, basically should pay attention to what?

(1) To coordinate with the environment and atmosphere. Rubber tree, pine trees suitable to be placed on both sides of the hall door, it shows solemn, Christmas to put Christmas tree. Hall Corner, Staircase corner of the corner of the use of tall basin trees, windowsill, the left (right) corner of the table with potted flowers or potted grass.

(2) Potted varieties and specifications to be unified, and to be symmetrical placement.

(3) Color collocation is proper. Linear peripheral to use the same variety, designed into a flat (or three-dimensional) pattern, the pattern of the edges, background color, pattern colors to set off each other, so as to appear eye-catching, warm.

(4) Do not be noisy. Potted plants are only greening, beautification embellishment, the choice should not be when or placed in the body will be counterproductive.

For example, the placement of potted plants in the middle of the conference table is highly must not block the sight of both sides; planting potted plants in the room must not be placed in the center, it may hinder people walking activities. It is worth noting that the hotel decoration should try not to use fake potted plants (except for a fake rose on the table). Now a lot of artificial plants to do fake potted plant, fake potted plants are suitable for management, but lost the "life" and "regulate the purification of the air" function, fake trees, fake flowers, false fruit will make guests psychologically produce a diaphragm, for the hotel, the use of improper is not worth it.