What Are The Requirements For Museum Showcases?

Date:Sep 01, 2020

The main difference lies in the various requirements for the display cabinet itself. The general product display cabinet is mainly for the promotion of commodities, and these commodities are mass-produced, so there are not too many requirements except for firmness. Museum display cabinets protect non renewable cultural relics. In addition to considering safety factors, it also has strict restrictions on lighting, temperature and humidity, and its value is much higher than that of general display cabinets.

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This paper mainly introduces the six requirements of museum display cabinet

1、 The display cabinet should be solid and can be used for a long time;

2、 Display cabinets should be made of materials that are safe for cultural relics and have high sealing performance;

3、 Use qualified materials to ensure safety;

4、 The design of display cabinet should be scientific;

5、 Display cabinet management should be in place;

6、 The display cabinet should have the function of environmental showcase manufacturers in china.jpg

What points should we pay attention to for museums?

1. Exhibits should be kept in a fixed and safe environment, and the longer the time, the safer it will be. If the display cabinet is no longer suitable for preservation because of its aging, it may damage the cultural relics in the process of transferring cultural relics. Therefore, museum display cabinets must be durable.

2. In the design of museum display cabinets, it is necessary to understand the characteristics of exhibits and avoid damaging the exhibits due to the use of materials that will react with the exhibits. If active materials are to be used, strict tests should be carried out. In addition, the airtightness should be high, because the gas outside the display cabinet may also produce chemical reactions on the exhibits.

3. The framework made of steel ensures the firmness of the display cabinet structure. Using qualified laminated glass, combined with top-level locks and security system, improve the ability to deal with emergencies.

4. The design style of the display cabinet should be matched with the museum environment. Then, considering the texture, color and shape of the cultural relics, appropriate lighting equipment should be adopted and the light source location should be selected to effectively highlight the cultural relics.

5. Each display cabinet should be managed by a specially assigned person, and a special maintenance channel should be set up for the display cabinet, so as to solve the problems of the display cabinet safely and efficiently.

6. The display cabinet can intelligently adjust the environment of the cabinet according to different cultural relics, and realize the functions of no oxidation, fixed humidity and temperature, and networking detection according to different requirements.

The above is the museum showcase requirements introduced by Lianyi