We Are Family

Date:Jun 19, 2020

As the old saying goes:Standing high can see far The higher you stand , the farther you will see.

In 2020,it was a nice day. At 8:00 am, we gathered at the foot of Nankun Moutain and set out for the top in high spirits. Al the way we were chatting, singing and laughing, enjoying the fresh air and the beautiful scenery. When some fell behind, others would come and offer help. About 2 hours later, we all reached the top. Bathed in sunshine, we jumped and cheered with joy.

The activity benefited us a lot. Not only did it get us close to nature and give us relaxation from heavy work, it also promoted the friendship among us. What a wonderful time .

We come from different cities, but we have the same goal, the same work place, this is our LianYi family.For our dream,fighting!