The Lighting Atmosphere Of The Store Design

Date:Mar 15, 2019

Shops decorate some lights to enhance the color and texture of the product. Suitable beams can also increase the sense of space in the background of the display of goods.

To combine brand image and product characteristics, design the right light atmosphere.

Natural light will change with the flow of time, so in the shop layout design should first carry out a preliminary lighting survey, so that light can with the operation of the sun near the store, the forefront of the stores for different periods of scanning, to achieve the attraction of customers. Compared to natural light, in-store lighting design can achieve a long-term constant irradiation effect.

Lighting design should pay attention to some key points:


(1) Basic lighting. Basic lighting is mainly to ensure the basic lighting in the shop, while keeping the in-store hue unified, so that the light in the shop to form an overall extension. Generally there are embedded (such as ground lights, roof barrel lights), direct suction top lighting two schemes.

(2) Key lighting. Key lighting can not only make the product form a three-dimensional feeling, at the same time, the strong contrast of light and shadow is also conducive to highlighting the characteristics of the product.

For popular and hot products, the application of key lighting is very important. Key lighting can also be used in Windows, LOGOS, Brand spokespersons, in-store models, to enhance the brand's unique effect. In particular, models, dot hanging these single-piece display, must be used to use the lamp to bake. Commonly used key lighting equipment has lights, wall lamps.

(3) Auxiliary lighting. The main role of auxiliary lighting is to highlight the color level in the store, rendering colorful atmosphere and visual effects, auxiliary enhancement of product attraction and appeal. More lighting equipment is available.