The Interior Design Of The Store

Date:Feb 10, 2019

Shop design is for the sale of goods, the only standard to test the quality of shop design is the sale of goods. Therefore, in the shop design to all for the goods to serve, highlight the characteristics of the goods, so that customers are the most convenient, most intuitive, the most clear  "contact " Goods is the primary goal.

It is necessary to use all kinds of artificial design elements to highlight the shape and individuality of goods, but not to dominate.

(1) Consider the shape change of the product. The shape of the product changes a lot, the space feels lively, but also easy to clutter. If the image of the goods sold is not very different, the conception of space should pay attention to change, otherwise it will make people feel stiff.

For example, shoes, the shape of each other changes little, in the display to make full use of space and display device changes, resulting in a vivid atmosphere.

(2) Consider the change in the size of the product. The different variations of the size of the commodity create a different sense of space, the change amplitude of the commodity, display rich shape, but also easy to cause chaos, design should emphasize order, reduce artificial decoration elements. The small change of goods arranged neatly, but easy to be monotonous, design should pay attention to change, increase decorative elements.

(3) Consider the color and texture of the product. Electronic products generally color gray, plastic products are generally colorful, which requires in-store design tone to play a foil role, as far as possible to highlight the color of the goods.

In addition, the texture of the product is often in a specific light and background to show charm, for example, the display of glassware, it is necessary to highlight its crystal clear characteristics.

(4) Consider the inferiority of the commodity. The emergence of several concentrations of cheap goods can play a noticeable role, but too much aggregation will also bring  "unsaleable " speculation. Therefore, the use of asymmetric group ingenious treatment will give people the impression of goods  "Rush ".

Valuable goods must strictly limit the number of exhibits in order to fully display their value, the design of the pursuit of elegant stretch style.

(5) Consider the positioning of the goods. Product positioning is different, shop design style is not the same. The positioning of the goods determines the style of the shop interior design. For example, the same fashion shop, but high-end women's clothing shop to design fresh and elegant, youth casual shop to emphasize the unfettered style, the two should be very different.