The Background Music Of Store Design

Date:Mar 20, 2019

Background music can create a shopping atmosphere, promote brand culture, channel customer sentiment.

Some studies have shown that the customer's patronage rate will increase by 15% in retail stores with background music, which shows that background music plays an important role in the sale of goods. According to the in-store tone and product characteristics to choose the corresponding background music playback.

Such as the youthful clothing shop can play fashion pop music, retro clothing shop can play classical music, formal and professional shops can play soothing music. In general, playing low-intensity, more soothing background music allows customers to stay and forget, increasing customer stay time. Studies have shown that when the intensity of the sound is too high, customers will stay in the store for less time, and soothing music can increase store sales by an average of 30% compared to fast-paced music. And the music of the ear makes people naturally produce irritable emotions, the promotion of the store can only have a negative impact.


Of course, playing brisk music is a smart choice for fast food restaurants that want to speed up the flow of guests.

Consider the following requirements when choosing which tracks to play:

(1) The type of music should be the same as the style of shops and goods;

(2) The number of pieces of music is sufficient, in continuous playback will not make people feel repeated;

(3) The music playback period and playback volume is reasonable; (4) Music can cater to the interests and style of customers.