Store Design Considerations

Date:Mar 26, 2019

(1)  "Clear ". Shopping malls (supermarkets) store design should be simple and clear, can make people at a glance to understand the operation characteristics of the shop.

(2) In line with the main customer  "Taste ".

(3) Take full account of the coordination with the original architectural style and surrounding storefront. You know,  "individual ",  "alternative " Although eye-catching, but once consumers feel  "vulgar ", will lose more important trust.

(4) concise, rather  "insufficient ", can not  "excessive ", should not use too much line segmentation and color rendering, so as to avoid customers have  "too tired " feeling.

(5) The color of the storefront should be unified and coordinated, it is not appropriate to use any raw, strong contrast.

(6) The font size on the sign should be appropriate, excessive thickness will make the sign appear too crowded, easy to destroy the overall layout, can be lined with the background color to highlight the store name. In addition, unless special needs, store names generally do not use wild grass or foreign letters.

(7) The light boxes, bulletin boards and publicity bars outside the store shall comply with traffic regulations or city regulations.