Some Details To Be Aware Of When Designing A Store

Date:Jan 30, 2019

(1) Clear brand positioning (age, occupation, style, price, variety, etc.), the pursuit of self-(brand) cultural environment.

(2) Master the trend flow of consumer shopping habits, spread brand visual information (window, graphics, etc.).

(3) Reasonable distribution of effective space, the case, so that consumers naturally step people's brand space, browse every item.

(4) Embellishment items, props, etc., must match the brand environment appeal, rather than rotten; color ornaments, pay attention to coordination or contrast difference.

(5) The overall decoration is simple and varied, from the roof, side wall, window, closely around the brand positioning, brand marking and other ideas and hints.

(6) The display of selling goods, abundant and not complex, simple and not empty, tangible and complete, changed and orderly.

(7) Create a comfortable atmosphere. Even a sofa, a hook, a cradle, will let consumers feel beautiful and warm.

(8) Reasonable lighting, moderate sound effects, to give customers a relaxed visual feeling.