Several Blind Spots In Shop Decoration Design

Date:Jan 15, 2019

First, the design style of the shop Shop decoration style Many times need the owner and the designer repeated in-depth communication, feedback out of their own inner heart of the idea, must not say nothing. Otherwise wait until the shop decoration, not in line with their original thinking, so embarrassed.

On the other hand, design style to achieve unity, very good integration into the surrounding environment, to avoid the emergence of blind spots.

Second, the shop lighting collocation

Lighting collocation is a key to determining customer experience, comfortable lighting, reasonable feeling, will give your shop bonus points, of course, this point many merchants are not particularly focused, so it has become a shop decoration blind spot.

Third, shop ventilation design

Good experience is really the success of a shop, as well as bigger and stronger to play a role that can not be ignored, ventilation design of a good design, for the public to come shopping or consumption, will play a vital role.

Blind spot four, paving decorative materials Decorative material selection of the correctness, a large part of the shop to play a flash effect, customers into the store spending hesitant, often due to the light in front of the eye, and finally secretly determined to deal with the agreement.