Principles Of Store Design

Date:Jan 25, 2019

Shop design is a concrete and meticulous work, to take into account the dual needs of operators and consumers, the use of limited space to display goods as efficiently as possible, through the appearance of the shop, image, overall style and internal design to provide consumers with a comfortable shopping environment, the formation of a beautiful shopping experience.

The following principles should be followed when designing:

1. Easy to remember the principle This is the first principle of shop design. A shop that cannot be easily remembered by consumers is a design failure. Shop easy to remember, not only conducive to attracting consumers into the shop shopping, but also reduce the number of consumers two shopping search time, conducive to pulling repeat customers.

It is also beneficial for consumers to describe when asking at the mouth. Therefore, shop design should not be too complex, color to coordinate, logo to be simple and easy to understand.

This helps to quickly deliver information and deepen consumer memory of the store.

2. The principle of consistency The style of the shop, the design inside and outside the shop should be consistent with the store's market positioning, business philosophy, brand concept and product style. Staff Clothing, guide behavior, service attitude and clothing grade, supporting supplies, etc., should also be able to convey the store's business philosophy and positioning.

Adherence to the principle of consistency is conducive to the establishment of brand image, enhance customer trust, attract target customers. At the same time, the design of the shop should be consistent with the surrounding environment.

Shops located in the modern bustling commercial street have different design styles than those located in the quaint commercial street and the general Commercial Street.

3. The principle of differentiation Clothing stores in the design, must grasp the principle of differentiated positioning, so that their own shops and other shops are different.

Shop only to design a distinctive image, display their own business characteristics, establish a personalized style, the use of special props decoration, etc., in order to allow consumers to quickly identify the store's operating characteristics and style. To create a unique atmosphere, to bake out the characteristics of the goods sold, is the principle of decorating it. Attracting customers retail stores the external and internal environment design should be determined according to the scope of the business goods, categories and the habits and characteristics of the target customers, should be unique business characteristics, the target customers firmly attracted to the shop. To make customers look at the appearance, stop and watch and generate the desire to shop in the store; As soon as you enter the store, you will have a strong desire to buy and novelty feelings.