Office Decoration Need To Pay Attention To The Important Details Of What

Date:Jan 10, 2019

1, Office decoration Precautions One: the ground to be flat office decoration the first link is the assessment of the ground, the ground if uneven to be flattened, this cost can not be saved. Whether the ground is the choice of carpets or wooden flooring, flat ground are the premise. Also note is to hit the line groove. It should be noted that the depth and degree of the line groove, because the size is not enough will also make the ground after the line tube uneven, will cause rework.

2, Office decoration Note two: Fire protection system to professional office decoration to the fire is quite high requirements and norms, this matter should be handed over to professional companies to do.

3, Office decoration Note three: To play the partition to pay attention to the Office partition can be reasonable use of office space, the Office to play partitions, the need to in accordance with fire requirements, increase the smoke sensor, and by the professional company to do, generally the building's property units. If the work is not changed well, it is not possible to pass the acceptance.

4, Office decoration attention to four: weak power transformation to find a professional company many office decoration, because of the small size, weak power transformation generally will not ask professional weak power companies to do, in order to save costs. In fact, office decoration must find a professional weak power company, otherwise, the network or telephone can not pass, slow internet speed and other phenomena will appear frequently, affecting work efficiency, and not easy to rework, in the long run, the choice of professional weak power company is cost-effective.

5, Office decoration attention to five: transformation of air Conditioning outlet office will be equipped with air-conditioning fresh wind system, but the outlet does not necessarily meet the requirements. Therefore, the office decoration in the outlet transformation must ask the professional decoration company to do, and with the ceiling project to carry out.