New Design High End Showroom Showcases Display

Date:Aug 18, 2020

The new design high end showroom is mainly divided into two parts. The center is the exhibition area, which is used to appreciate and display special products. The exhibition showroom showcase is mainly made of "tree" stainless steel base, and the top is made of ultra white tempered glass. The purpose is to better protect the safety of products and prevent the damage ofexternal environment on products.These shapes need exquisite technology to be customized, stainless steel material, surface painting treatment.

jewelry showroom design.jpgjewelry showroom design.jpgjewelry display for showroom.jpg

The second area is mainly around the exhibition area, mainly responsible for selling products, using large wooden display cabinets. The freestanding display cabinet and the wall mounted display shelvescontains multiple drawers and multi-layer shelves, and multiple storage grids can be divided to store items by category, so that customers can get a better shopping experience.  

jewelry display shelf.jpg

Glass display cabinets are now-a-days much used in displaying products in showrooms or retail shops. Many class hotels use gorgeous cabinets in the lounges to display the memorable credentials and even specific souvenirs of a place. 

If you're also interested in this design ,and you'd like to customize a set of a set of unique display showcases for your showroom or store, then don't hesitate to contact us. 

Lianyi ,making perfection more perfect !

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