New Design Display Furniture For Clothes Shop Design

Date:Oct 19, 2020

The clothes shop design is a gorgeous style of display design. The clothes display rack customization adopts a simple and modern design style, and emphasizes the "less is more" in the design of clothes display furniture. It strongly displays the diversity of products through concise design forms and color matching. The lines of the clothing display stand emphasize condensed and smooth lines. The store mainly sells women's clothing, so the gold and white LOGO and clothing display racks will look more high-end.

The gold clothing display racks and clothing display stands have white environmental protection melamine board wooden bases, which are more stable. At the same time, the other display rack with wheels, which is used to facilitate the transportation of clothing, replenishing inventory, or moving the position of the display rack.

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clothing shop design.jpg

clothes display stand.jpg

clothes display rack.jpg

clothes shop design.jpg

clothing store design.jpg

gold clothing display rack.jpg