Make Your Shoe Store Display More Attractive Part Two

Date:Oct 09, 2020

How to make your shoe store display more attractive? I think this is one of the problems that many businesses are thinking about, because it is also related to the sales volume of stores. Now let me tell you what kind of display there is in an attractive shoe store. (Part two)

6.Stacked display mode

It is suitable for men's formal wear shoes, casual shoes, shoes with stable color. Use wall mounted shoe display shelf to place more densely to make the quantity look more, so it can easily catch the attention of consumers.


shoe shop display furniture.jpg

7.Waterfall display mode

It is suitable for women's shoes and single products with high sales volume. The wall shoe display cabinet is designed in the shape of "waterfall", which has streamline feeling and more brand sense.


wall shoe showcase.jpg

8.Airfoil display mode

The method of displaying products on both sides of the platform can improve the exposure of products and enhance consumers' recognition of products in the current season.


wall shoe display.jpg

9.Stepped display mode

The shoes display stand is arranged in a ladder like way, which can be displayed at both ends of the channel, and can also be displayed inside the shoe display stand.


shoes display stand for shop.jpg

10.Special display mode

The shoe display rack extends outwards and has a large space for placing. It is suitable for new products, key display products and special products. It can deepen the impression of customers and bring visual impact to the sense of volume.


shoe display.jpg

In many ways you can use disfferent display modes to update your store's appeal to many customers. This may be just a few of the many store designs and displays. With a little bit of creativity, you can really improve the way you present your goods, and make your store display stand out from the rest.