Lianyi New Design Jewelry Showcase For Italia

Date:Nov 27, 2020

In this design, more futuristic design elements and decoration materials were selected for combinatio remote control system and steel structural materials is used to create a modern fashion with streamlined modern elements and dark environmental colors. 

The door can be opened, the light is turned on and off, and the color temperature of the light can be adjusted by remote control. The door is lifted: the entire glass box lifts.

Features: It can be put in homes, clubs, store, showroom and other venues. Anti-theft.

Imagine when you get home, go back to the store, go back to the showroom, pick up the remote control of this jewelry showcase, the glass box slowly rises, and your most precious and most valued exhibits slowly appear in front of you, At the top, the light will slowly turn on. You can also control the different colors of the light through the remote control in your hand, and then enjoy the most beautiful exhibits in this gorgeous showcase. The fatigue and worries of the day will disappear.

This is the charm of our Lianyi customized products. Have you seen this? Hurry up and contact us to customize your own display fixtures.

jewelry showcase.jpg