Layout Design Of Shoe Display Stand In Commercial Space

Date:Nov 09, 2020

Layout design of shoe display stand in commercial space, such as retail store, shopping mall, supermarket, trade show, etc., the layout of display stands in these commercial places are different.

The display of shoes in a commercial space is particularly important. The height, angle, slope and use of light of each pair of shoes are carefully considered. The fine layout of the product display is the main level of the commercial art design of this type of product.

shoe display stand

The footwear sales area is divided into two parts, the edge area and the central area. High-end brands are in the edge area, and popular brands are in the central area. For example, in terms of display props, the high shoe display cabinet in the side area can be made 2.7m against the wall, and the top can be sealed as a logo. The two brand adjacent low shoes display cabinets can be made 1.5m. The height of other low shoes display cabinets are not limited, but it should be lower than the height of the adjacent low cabinet. The height of the shoe cabinet in the middle area can be made 1.35m, and the height of the part can be 1.5m, and the height of the packing column is 2.4m. Various non-standard display stands are also a design trend in recent years, which can enhance the display effect for commercial space. These display stands will also be used in many different commercial places.

In terms of shoe display stand design, it presents a simple modern style overall. The display stands are displayed in various ways. Generally, the display board on the shoe shelf is tilted downwards below the customer's line of sight, which can provide customers with a good perspective. The part of the display rack above the line of sight is made with a logo to guide consumers to easily find the brand they need.

The above is a little bit of opinion I shared. Different shoe commercial spaces will have different shoe display rack stands. The details on the shoe racks are determined according to the actual store situation. Some will use wall mounted shoe display cabinets, shoe display shelves, shoes display stand, shoe rack with adjustable shelf,etc. If you have plans to open a new store, you can contact us at any time and we will give you a suitable customized design solution.