How To Make Your Shoe Store Display More Attractive?

Date:Oct 09, 2020

How to make your shoe store display more attractive? I think this is one of the problems that many businesses are thinking about, because it is also related to the sales volume of stores. Now let me tell you what kind of display there is in an attractive shoe store.

1.General display mode

The shoes displayed should be consistent with the overall "surface" in front of the shoe display shelf. The front of the shoes should face the side of the channel to avoid customers seeing the shelf partition and baffle. Display height, usually display products and upper shoe display shelf partition to maintain at least 5cm space, the distance between products is wider than before.


shoe store display.jpgshoes store design.jpg

2.Circular display mode

Use the center of the store to design a circular shoe display stand or shoe display table, concentrate new products or products pushed by the store owner in this area, combine them into story themes, and create a new product area or concept area.


shoe display rack.jpg

shoe display table.jpg

3.Diversified display mode

Simple style store display fixtures can be used in shoe chain store or stores with large sales volume. Exquisite decoration style with display furnitures, but more diversified than the general display, highlighting the sense of quantity, shoe display fixtures can be displayed in U-shaped or V-shaped shapes.


shoes store interior design.jpg

4.Input display mode

The shoe products are put into the display basket or glass display showcase, which is suitable for the products with high simplicity and should not be damaged or deformed. It is easy to operate, easy to contact and highlight the convenience and non damage of the products.


shoe display cabinet.jpg

5.Linear display mode

It is suitable for children's shoes, women's shoes, sneakers, casual shoes or sports style shoes stores to display the products in linear form. The products are mainly summer products, which are convenient to supplement and attract customers with different linear shapes.


sneaker display rack.jpg

There are a lot of ways to show the shoe store display mode. If you want to know more about it, you can go to Part Two or contact us for more interesting news about store design.