Lian Yi Tells You How To Maintain Museum Display Case?

Date:Sep 01, 2020

Museum display case is an important protection body of collections, cultural relics and valuables, and also has an important impact on the exhibition effect. In order to better play the role of the museum display cases, we should take regular maintenance measures for it. Several maintenance methods are introduced for reference:

1、 For wooden museum display cases: do not clean with water, which will damp the wood and may affect the internal circuit of the display case. After confirming that the power supply is cut off, use special cleaning agent and pure cotton cloth for cleaning. If you use a common cloth, it may scratch the display case. In addition, if the display case has dirt that is difficult to clean, such as the glue stains left after tearing off the poster, do not use hard objects to scrape it away by force. It is recommended to use pure cotton cloth combined with white electric oil for cleaning.

2、 For museum lighting equipment: after confirming that the power is cut off, prepare an air duct and adjust it to a small air volume to blow away the dust of the lighting equipment, and then use dry pure cotton cloth for cleaning.

3、 For museum glass: especially for the display case with high requirements on glass permeability, it is better to use special glass cleaner for cleaning. There is residual glue in the corner of the display case that has not been used for a long time, which is a place to be cleaned frequently.

4、 For the electroplating metal display: dust is often easy to find, so it needs to be cleaned frequently, but also once a month for rust protection.

5、 For stainless steel material: the detachable objects can be removed and cleaned with pure cotton white cloth and special detergent, and then restored to their original position after cleaning.

museum display case design.jpg

These are the main ways to maintain museum display case.

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