LianYi Tell You How Many Kinds Of Museum Display Cabinets There Are?

Date:Jun 16, 2020

Museum display cabinets are very important for the protection of display products.Therefore,we will choose different Museum cabinets for different display products.

  1. Wall mounted display cabinets

Generally, there will be many styles, with back plate style, and reliable wall fixed or positioned on the ground near the wall. Generally, the collection that needs longer visual display is displayed, and the larger utilization type is displayed. The size of the display cabinet is customized according to the exhibits and museum requirements. The length of the display cabinet can be customized according to the museum environment, so as to display the collection of different heights

Museum Display Cabinets.jpg

  2.Bulit-in wall museum cabinet

The display cabinet is usually made of glass on the front side. The appearance of the display cabinet is not on the same level as the wall. The viewer can watch the display product through the panel glass on the same level as the wall. Its frame structure is usually special aluminum profile

wall museum display.jpg

  3. Independent display cabinet

Including four side glass independent museum cabinet, five side glass independent museum cabinet, splicing independent glass cabinet, freestanding display counter,etc.

museum showcase.jpgmuseum table.jpg

In conclusion,there are many museum display cabinet styles that have not been shown yet. If you also need to customize the glass display cabinet, you can contact us for more details and styles, and we will provide you with better quality solutions.