How Long Does It Take To Make A Jewelry Showcases?

Date:Oct 08, 2020

Many customers who order jewelry showcase want to know about the design and production time of display cabinets. This can better grasp the opening time. Today, Lianyi Display factory tells you how long it takes to design and make jewelry display cabinets. I hope it will help you.

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How long does it take to make jewelry showcases?

The time for designing and making jewelry exhibition cabinets in each exhibition factory is different. As we design and manufacture jewelry display showcases in Lianyi Display, the construction period is generally 15-25 working days. This period includes the design and production of Jewelry Exhibition cabinets. Of course, if you encounter special circumstances, the production time will change. Such as sudden change of the size of the display cabinet, customer requirements to change the production materials, etc.

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The custom-made jewelry display cabinet is not a simple thing, it is to design the construction drawing and measurement space for you according to the shop drawings provided by the merchant or the manufacturer. During the customization, it should be made according to the design process, site size, materials, and customer's own requirements. The production time of general orders is very normal in 15-25 days, because the jewelry display cabinet is not in fast consumption. It takes a certain time to complete the high-quality display cabinet in every step of customization.

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