Exterior Design Of The Store

Date:Feb 01, 2019

1. Architectural form

The façade shape of the storefront should be basically unified with the form and style of the surrounding building; the relationship between the Wall division and the volume, proportion and elevation scale of the building is more appropriate; the combination of various forms and beauty factors of storefront decoration should be focused, the master is clear, and the contrast change is full of rhythm and rhythm.

2. Entrance design

The entrance design of a store reflects, to some extent, the grade of the goods it sells. The population design of large shopping centers is generally magnificent, and small stores win with a slim size.

Shop entrance design is unique, can attract consumers to create the desire to browse into the store. Entrance position, size and layout should be determined according to the store's flat form, lot environment, storefront width and other specific conditions. Store population and window and plaque, advertising, logo and shop emblem, such as the location of the scale is appropriate and has obvious recognition and guidance. Generally speaking, the entrance to the shop cannot be done too small. The door of the shop is the throat of the shop, which is the channel for the access and circulation of customers and goods. The door of the shop shuttle the number of customers a day, which determines the rise and fall of the shop. The entrance is too small, the customer's desire to enter the shop will be invisibly suppressed.

3. Signboard Design

The signature design of creative shop signs can make the store more visible, but also very good to convey to customers the business philosophy of the store.

McDonald's fast food restaurant's Golden Arc Shop logo has been recognized by consumers around the world. Whether the sign is attractive or not, first look at the name of the store. Store name to have characteristics, but can not be too far from the topic, to enable customers through the store name can know what you are running the goods. In other words, the name of the butcher's shop should be like a butcher's, and the name of the grocery store should be like a grocery store. A good store name should have three characteristics: easy to pronounce, easy to remember, can highlight the nature of the store's business, can impress people.