Design Tips For Store Designs

Date:Feb 05, 2019

Window design, from the window display of the commodity theme, firmly establish the function first, the form of functional service of the correct concept, flexible use of the following techniques:

There are a few points to note in window design:

(1) To have simple and clear themes, such as Christmas, New Year, spring, autumn, crazy sale, etc.;

(2) Avoid miscellaneous and full, to be typical;

(3) To provide sufficient commodity information to customers in conjunction with appropriate promotional posters;

(4) Attention should be paid to proportion, balance and coordination, giving people a sense of beauty;

(5) to replace it regularly in order to establish the unique image of the commodity;

(6) Tone matching aspects: to the window background as the basis, coordination and collocation;

(7) proper taste, excessive ingenuity, but self-defeating, personal fun furnishings may scare away guests;

(8) The content changes with fashion, seasonal theme changes, can not be thousands of days;

(9) Clean and tidy.

Agent tip: Window display tips for clothing stores

• Choose a representative style for display, the selected clothing should be able to represent the overall style of the brand.

• Capture the customer's visual focus to form a stereo communication model.

• Window clothing display should not be too many miscellaneous, simple and clear can maximize the utility.

• Pay attention to leaving White to highlight the protagonist characteristics of the garment.

• Labeling prices, so that customers can quickly understand the brand's grade and positioning.

• Use artificial light to render product features.

• The number of window models depends on the size of the window, generally 2-4 or so.

• The use of multimedia, so that customers are subject to multiple stimuli of vision and hearing. • Keep the window clean and spotless.