Color Layout Of Store Design

Date:Mar 10, 2019

Color plays an important role in perfecting the design effect of the shop and creating the atmosphere of the shopping environment. The color of the store to be unified, goods and decoration color to harmoniously blend into one, so that people can see at a glance the main tone of your store.

But the unity said here is not to make clothing and decoration color exactly the same, that will make the store appear very monotonous stiff, should let the local contrast and obey the whole.

Warm color system is generally very easy to get close to the color, such as red, yellow and other colors, which is more suitable for the young class of shops, the same color, pink, bright red, goose yellow and other female preferences of color, women's supplies shop and baby fine children's clothing shop and other products gorgeous high-grade shops more appropriate. Cold color appears to have a very long feeling, there is a sense of expansion, cold area ceiling high of the shop should not be used, otherwise enter the store will feel very cold, intimacy reduced, try to avoid the use of good. But in the summer in order to reproduce the feeling of the peak waves, the display of the use of cold color, can produce a sense of cool, so as a seasonal application is very appropriate.

Studies have shown that in the case of impulsive consumers and consumers who want to buy cheap goods, warm tones (such as red and yellow) have a strong inductive effect, while cold tones (such as blue and green) are suitable for sensible consumers, prompting them to meditate on the purchase of goods. The background color of the product display is also a factor worth considering. Harmonious background color will play a good role in the product.

For example, we often see jewelry counters with black fabrics to do the background, because the black background will make jewelry more eye-catching. In order to highlight the recognition of the store, the name of the shop, emblem patterns and markers, etc., can be used and the main tone of the difference between the larger contrast color, giving a striking display.