Channel Design For Store Designs

Date:Feb 25, 2019

Channels guide customers to shop the course of action, its design has a direct impact on the number of goods displayed, shop area utilization effect.

Is to be able to fully and effectively display goods, so that the extension of customer stay in the store is the key to store marketing. General main channel width should not be less than 120 cm, secondary channel width should not be less than 80 cm.

The image background board should be facing the master port or the main channel.

In the design of the channel, we should first consider how to maximize the display of goods, so that the formation of goods to the customer's psychology and vision of the double encirclement. In general, the main channel in the store should be designed according to the route that the customer is used to browsing. The channels of large shops are often designed as annular or well-shaped, while small stores are L or inverted Y glyphs.

Among them, hot selling and popular new products should be placed on the shelves of the main channel, in order to make customers easy to see and touch. The secondary channel is generally guided by the main channel for the arrangement of auxiliary and ordinary goods.

The specific scheme is generally determined by reference to the store's own needs and spatial characteristics. The collection channel should be placed at the end of the main channel, at the same time combined with VI on the LOGO, the spokesman and other brand markers to focus on publicity, and strive for the final level of customer vision to form an impact.