Panoramic Freestanding Module Showcase

The module showcase system is both modular and demountable, ideal for your temporary and evolving museum exhibitions.
Modularity is one of the Infinity's principal qualities. You can create an exact volume around your artefacts and later adjust to a new layout.
Showcases join from just two up to more complex arrangements with panoramic glass.

Product Details

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Product No.                    LY-QJ-01

Opening mode              90 ° hinge open

Application                    Museum ,showroom ,trade show ,exhibit ,shop ,store ,etc.

Material technology     Electrostatic fluorocarbon spraying

Glass                               Ultra white laminated glass / anti ultraviolet glass

Lighting                          Special cold light source

Lock                                Special Museum lock

Frame technology

◇The framework is welded with 3.0 mm square steel, glass threshold of independently developed aluminum alloy profile, 1.5-3.0 mm cold rail steel plate, fully automatic CNC cutting / grooving / bending / welding.


◇Modular design can be used to form a variety of combinations to meet 

the needs of various sizes of exhibits.

Other options

◇Constant temperature and humidity system, anti-theft system,security system

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museum showcase

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