Glass And Acrylic Museum Exhibition Display Case

A full vision display cases can be applied to various places, such as retail stores, exhibition, showroom, etc. Glass and acrylic museum display cases designed and manufactured to your own requirements. Display and protect valuable items with our range of display cabinets. The design and manufacture of each display cabinet can be customized to your specific requirements, including LED lighting, color or base, etc.

Product Details

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Product No.          LY-QJ-15

Glass and acrylic museum exhibition display case designed to suit your exhibits or merchandise to house almost any item!

At the same time, we can use tempered glass to achieve impact resistance, prevent collisions, and prevent prying and deformation. The transmittance of glass can reach 96% and above, which makes the model display in all directions.

The corresponding size and shape can be flexibly customized according to the actual environment.

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Product No.          LY-QJ-16

This museum exhibition display case is relatively small compared to LY-QJ-15, more suitable for private showrooms.

All panels are made of high quality glass.

A series of metal profiles are used to support the panel in place.

Our custom-made glass display cabinets are individually customized, Lianyi will use high-standard production technology for the customization of the glass and acrylic museum exhibition display case every time.

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