Double-sided Showcases For Museum Display Design

Beautiful custom made double-sided showcases made from glass with metal extrusions for excellent strength and security, with the option to change the size, colour or adding lighting, perfect for use in an art galleries, museums or other display areas.

Product Details

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Product No.          LY-QJ-13

These double-sided showcases are perfect for use in art galleries and museums due to their excellent strength and great security.

Two colors display, black and light brown, the actual color can be customized according to customer drawings.

Different exhibition halls have different door opening methods, including manual, electric methods and etc.. Electric control methods are integrated into the cabinet door control system to ensure that the showcase has good maneuverability and can be easily operated by one person.

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Product No.          LY-QJ-14

The front and back of the showcase, on both sides are glass panels, and the top is a steel plate lighting system.

The wooden plinth of the exhibit can be customized in any color and size to facilitate better display of exhibits, the design also allows for information about the pieces on display to be shown, which we can also design and manufacture with the unit.

Large museum exhibit display cases can be created, and simply getting in touch with our specialist team of advisors is the way to ensure your exact requirements are met.

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Application Display :

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