Built-in Wall Glass Display Cases

The built-in wall glass display cases is embedded in the wall of the real wall or the wall of the false wall, usually with a glass on the front, and the appearance does not look at the same level as the wall.Viewers can watch the display from the panel glass on the same level as the wall, saving more space for placement.

Product Details

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Product No.          LY-QJ-12

The built-in wall glass display case is embedded in a solid wall or a false wall. It is usually a front glass. Set according to actual needs, viewers can only watch the display through the panel glass on the same level as the wall, saving more space for placement and the frame structure is usually a special aluminum profile. The wall display case has a good security system, and the door opening method is selected according to needs. According to different exhibition needs, the showcase can be opened manually or by electric translation, and it can also be equipped with a fully electric wireless terminal control system. The wireless terminal opening system is an all-electric remote opening method, and a networked centralized controller is used for separate wireless control operations. The system comes with a password protection system above level 3 to ensure the safety of the showcase.The material of the decorative back panel is selected to meet the exhibits display standards. The micro-environment control facilities are usually hidden under the floor.

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Application Display :

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