Museum Display Fixtures For Museum Exhibition Design

Part two :The 3D design images of the whole museum is divided into several functional areas, ordinary showcase display, Ceramic antique display, high-end display area, window display area, and VIP lounge.
The whole museum display design is based on the classical museum style, with a great deal of warm light irradiate on the wall large showcase and ultra white glass showcase, all the element of the Museum Exhibition Halls are integrated with each other make the museum become more comfortable.

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The whole design of Museum display has three floors, This is the third floor of the museum, mainly displays the ceramic works and collections of local artists. Different exhibits are presented through several different display cabinets, including the freestanding frameless glass showcases ,pedestal cases ,table cases ,and wall large showcases to complete the display.Wall show cases are including placed against, mounted on or recessed within an interior wall.

The middle area is the painting and calligraphy exhibition area. The exhibition area displays the works and the author 's creation introduction and explanation in the form of wall and text. The LED track lamp can convert the light emitted by the light source into the parallel light with uniform intensity. By adjusting the shape and size of the diaphragm, the shape and size of the projection are controlled to accurately illuminate the exhibits.

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Museum Exhibit Design

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museum cases

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