Why are museum showcases so expensive?

Date:Sep 04, 2020

Whether it is a museum, private showroom, gallery, etc., the storage is precious and important items, for collection, display and preservation. The protection of cultural relics is also for the sake of better continuation of certain cultures. With the continuous improvement of technical level and requirements for cultural relics protection, the manufacturing cost of museum showcase is also increasing. Compared with the display cabinets we usually see in shopping malls, it is not renewable compared with the commodities that can be produced in large quantities. In addition to the display function, it also needs to meet the requirements of cultural relics protection, such as the control of temperature and humidity, high isolation from the outside to prevent cultural relics from being damaged by harmful gases, and relatively high security level This is the main reason why the prices of museum display cabinets are relatively high.

museum showcase.jpg

So what are the main aspects of museum display? The main points are as follows:

  1. Labor costs, design and manufacturing costs, that is, employees' labor remuneration and subsidies and other expenses;

  2. Material cost, including the cost of purchasing materials and transportation of materials;

  3. The transportation and handling costs of the exhibition cabinet;

  4. Various taxes and fees to be handed in;

  5. Maintenance cost of production equipment, labor remuneration of operation and management personnel, site rent, water and electricity fee, management fee, etc;

The above points are the main components of the cost of museum showcases, which are for reference only. The actual situation depends on the specific requirements for museum showcases.