What characteristics do museum showcases need ?

Date:Sep 04, 2020

Only a qualified museum showcase can become a qualified facility for the protection of exhibits, but also the basis for ensuring the smooth progress of the exhibition. What features does a qualified display showcase need?

1. Excellent security

This is mainly reflected in the glass of museum display cabinet, because it directly separates the exhibits from the outside world. The special protective glass is a combination of soft and hard. Even if it is broken by violence, it will not fall on the ground. It can still provide a certain degree of protection for the exhibits, which can well cooperate with the work of the security staff, and will not hurt the exhibits and the audience because of the glass splash.

2. High light transmittance of glass

This is another important feature in addition to safety, which directly affects the display effect, so the light transmittance of display cabinet glass is constantly improved. In the early days, the light transmittance was only about 80%, then it reached 90%, and now it is nearly completely transparent. At the same time, the reflectance and color rendering index decreased and increased respectively.

3. High sealing performance

This requires that the museum display cabinet must be made with exquisite workmanship. The first dimension must be the same, so as to ensure the sealing of the exhibition cabinet, completely separate the two different environments inside and outside the exhibition cabinet, and also help to create a specific protection environment for the exhibits inside the exhibition cabinet. The exquisite craftsmanship level provides guarantee for the production of the display cabinet, and also ensures the beauty of the display cabinet.

Another additional requirement for glass is UV protection. Some exhibits, such as textiles and paper products, are more sensitive to ultraviolet rays, because some museums have not modified the lighting system or can not be transformed due to conditions. If the qualified glass is not used, it may cause unnecessary damage to the cultural relics.