The difference between product type display frame and propaganda type display frame

Date:Feb 05, 2019

The display frame on the market according to the function can be roughly divided into product display frame and publicity exhibition frame, the most important difference is whether to leave the location of the product display.

Product display frame The most important function is to display products, used in daily sales, through the promotion of brands to promote sales, is the store sales of small assistants, while the promotional display frame is used in the store during the event to hang event posters, through a huge version to attract the attention of consumers, which is their most essential difference. From the outside, acrylic product display frame shape is more beautiful and diverse.

And the display frame from the creative designer not only has a good decorative effect, can show the characteristics of the product to make the product play a remarkable charm, but also has a pleasing appearance, the variety of its style is often beyond the viewer's surprise. Product display Frame The other thing that differs from the promotional display frame is that it has no fixed size. Propaganda display frame, such as X-type display frame, H-type display frame, L-type display frame, pull net display frame, there are commonly used in the industry size agreement, must be in accordance with its specified size design and production screen, and product-type display frame is more customized, comprehensive product size, weight, display site and other factors to design styles and functions.