The artistic beauty of the showcase

Date:Feb 25, 2019

Beauty is the eternal search, about the display cabinets, put the elements of beauty can make its progress into a piece of art. In the planning of modern display cabinets, planners have added visual markers to traditional planning methods, focusing on appearance and shape metaphor, which also makes each showcase behind a story. The use of light, the planning of Shadows, break through the monotony of traditional display cabinets to make it more commercial value. In the external planning to participate in the iconic elements, the use of new materials and new structural methods, to the display cabinets to write a new planning concept.

The performance of the planning approach, which pays more attention to metaphor, breaks through the radical pleas of the traditional display cabinets on planning and appearance. This new generation of aesthetic features is nothing more than focusing on the expression of external characteristics and space contact, modern display cabinets, display frame planning respect and post-modern aesthetics characteristics, so that the display cabinets abandon the original rigid and stale planning, without changing the original effect of the premise, coupled with the elements of post-modern aesthetics, so that the display cabinets also have some artistic flavor,

And there is no doubt that the commercial value of the goods in the display cabinets has been added. At present, in the shopping malls, a variety of display cabinets, display frame personality is diverse, which can be seen, and these secrets is the display of the cabinet planning personality and the external performance of the structure. Everyone on the display cabinets, the single business characteristics of the exhibition frame gradually have a higher search, not only to have commercial value, but also to have a beautiful appearance planning.