Requirements for jewelry showcases in large shopping malls

Date:Oct 15, 2020

Among the many showcases, the jewelry showcase is arguably the most exquisite, and the shape and material of the showcase have special requirements. What are the general requirements of large shopping malls for showcases?

First: The appearance of the jewelry showcase is very important, and it must be elegant. When valuable accessories are placed in a display cabinet, an atmospheric display cabinet is needed to highlight its nobility and elegance. In some large shopping malls, jewelry is highly valued, because the beautiful appearance of the showcase will attract the attention of consumers, attract more people, and increase the sales of jewelry.

jewellery counters.jpg

Second: The requirements for materials are very high, especially fire-resistant materials, because the price of jewelry is expensive. If you choose a jewelry showcase of general materials, if there is an accident, the loss will be too serious. The display cabinets must be made of environmentally friendly materials, because the jewellery placed in large shopping malls is relatively closed for safety reasons, and non-environmentally friendly materials will emit some peculiar smells, which will affect the business of the mall.

jewelry display cabinet.jpg

Third: The originality requirements for jewelry showcases are also very high. They don't want the showcases in their shopping malls to be similar to those in other shopping malls. Modern shopping malls tend to be personalized. Merchants are very important.

jewellery display case.jpg

Since the jewelry showcase is at the core of the shopping mall, the general business will go to a professional showcase manufacturing company to customize it, and a professional design team will tailor it for themselves. In this way, the quality of customized showcases is guaranteed and can fully meet the special requirements of merchants.

If the above requirements are met, the uniqueness of jewelry can be reflected and it can be favored by jewelry businesses.