Jewelry Showcase Design Style

Date:Mar 25, 2019

Jewelry display cabinets, as the name implies, the display of storage and sales of jewelry goods counters, because the jewelry category is more differentiated, categories are: gold jewelry, jade jewelry, gem jewelry, and collection of antique jewelry, so all kinds of display cabinets design style is slightly different. Gold Category: Gold jewelry exquisite workmanship wear luxury, is China's hottest wedding preferred jewelry, 2013 year-round sales fee has exceeded 1000 tons, with the annual growth of gold ornaments, but also pull the development of the display cabinet industry, from the initial single display,

To the present, the overall art design awareness and anti-theft process to improve all reflect the modern technology has also led to the development of the entire industrial chain. Gemstone: Gemstone Compared to other metal mineral jewelry composition categories, ruby, sapphire, water hard aluminum stone, sphenite stone, garnet, tourmaline, and so on.


The above types of gemstones are known as fashion, so most gem counters are designed in fashion as a number of yuan, such as bright, simple color atmosphere. Collections: There are many museums all over the country, but there are still few jewelry museums, and there are fewer private jewelry museums, and the collection of jewelry is designed to give young people an idea of jewelry and the potential value of jewelry.

Collections & amp; jewelry It is desirable, and in the design of display cabinets, spacious viewing angle and lighting design are important. Jade Category: Chinese people's love of Jade since ancient times, the degree of love is no less than other categories of jewelry ' gentleman unprovoked jade does not go body ' is a virtue of ancient jade, in today's rapid development of the Times Jade has always been with its unique charm blend in culture, art, religion and other fields, in its display cabinets design mostly retro, elegant and other

Focus on the embodiment of modern people's aesthetic taste for jade.