Jewellery showcase design concept

Date:Sep 16, 2020

Today, I'd like to introduce you to the knowledge of jewellery showcase. I think we all know what to do about the use of jewellery showcase. This is not enough to introduce. Actually, there are a lot of attention about the jewellery showcase design concept. Today we mainly talk about how to design jewelry display cabinet. In fact, jewelry display cabinet is mainly designed around the display effect and function. The following is the design requirements for the jewellery showcase: 

※1.The purpose of jewelry display cabinet design is to focus on how to effectively improve the efficiency and quality of exhibition activities. In addition to the design of display environment itself, the design of display object display form is also an important feature of display cabinet design. In addition to studying some basic rules of space design, a process of vision and psychology is the basic premise of jewelry display cabinet design, so the display cabinet must be as comfortable and eye-catching as possible.

glass jewelry display case.jpg

※2.Display cabinet lighting: cold light spotlights and LED lights are installed on the front of the counter to improve the beauty of jewelry. Especially for the jewelry display cabinet, through the irradiation can reflect the diamond unique angular texture, so as to stimulate the purchase desire of customers. The commodities displayed in the jewelry store are relatively expensive. To highlight the exquisite and dazzling effect, it can set off the noble quality of jewelry. What's more, it is very important to be simple and generous. And the island cabinet mainly through the lamp belt lighting to improve the overall lighting effect of jewelry area.

display cabinet for sale.jpg

※3.Color of Showcase: Showcase collocation should be simple. If the color is too diversified, it will cause consumers' fatigue to fail to achieve the key results. Using the standard color of enterprise logo can solve the above problems. The core of standard color in enterprise logo is accuracy and simplicity. From the perspective of accuracy, the choice of color in logo is the most consistent among all art forms, which is in line with the nature of enterprise products. Different products have their own uniqueness, so as to know what color to reflect them. Positive colors make people positive, clear, relaxed and happy.

jewelry store design.jpg

※4.Other materials: the accessory materials of the display cabinet, which is simply the decoration of the display cabinet, such as carving, spray painting, etc.

Above all, most of the display cabinets are specially designed for a certain object. You can learn more about the knowledge of jewelry display and the brands of jewelry display cabinets on the Internet. In fact, the characteristics of display cabinets on different jewelry are quite different. If you are interested, we can discuss it together.