Jewelry Showcase damaged how to handle it

Date:Mar 20, 2019

How is the display of the showcase scalded handled? Generally speaking, jewelry display cabinets are scalded by high-temperature objects, such as boiling water. Do not panic, the easiest way to use bun has tea juice soft cloth to wipe, convenient and effective.

With alcohol floral solvents or on the display of the cabinet paint mask is not hot out of the white spots to wipe, the effect is also very good, there have been such experience of friends may wish to try.

How is the display cabinet burned and treated? Jewelry display Cabinets If accidentally burned, burned, sunburn, such as cigarette butts, hot sun ...

First determine whether the display cabinets are just lacquer film left traces, wood materials have not been damaged, and then with chopsticks wrapped in the head of the fine lines of hard cloth gently wipe the traces, and finally apply a layer of thin wax liquid, burn traces can be eliminated, the effect is good oh!

How does the showcase have cracks to deal with? There are cracks in the display cabinets in daily life is very common, here, focus on the milk to crack the method, we may not think that milk can be used to remove the surface cracks of the display cabinets, the specific way is to use a clean cloth on the surface to pour some milk into the wet, After that can be directly dipped in the place of milk directly wipe the place of the cabinet dirt, wipe after the effect of removing dirt are very good, completed with water and then rinse again, because the surface of the display cabinet contains milk, put a long time milk will have some sour taste out, rinse off with water will be all right.