Jewelry display cabinets How to design will appear upscale?

Date:Apr 10, 2019

1, Visual effects:

The design of modern display cabinets, based on the commonness of visual behavior, should attract many principles of plane composition, stereoscopic composition and color composition, and form a relatively complete design principle and law in the practice of display cabinet design.

The purpose of the display cabinet design is to enable consumers to receive information most effectively in the limited time and space. Therefore, the design of the display cabinets revolves around how to effectively improve the efficiency and quality of the display activities.

In addition to displaying the design of the environment itself, the design of the Display object display form is also an important part of the display cabinet design.

Therefore, in addition to the study of the general Basic Law of space design, the study of people in the display of objects is visual physiology and psychological process is the basic premise of the design of the display cabinets, so the design of the display cabinets should be to a large extent to make customers look comfortable, very natural.


2, Showcase lighting aspects: Halogen lamps consume a lot of electricity and have a warm yellow light. LED and other low power consumption, chills color white light.

Choose according to your need for light color. The lighting design of the display cabinet comes first from the top light source.

Fluorescent lighting is mostly used on the inside of the display cabinet to improve overall brightness.

In addition, the front and left sides of the counter more than two corners installed cold light lights and LED lights as a supplementary source to improve the three-dimensional sense of the product.

Jewelry display cabinets, in particular, reflect the unique angular texture of the diamond through the irradiation of corner lights or LED lights to stimulate the customer's desire to buy. Jewelry Stores sell goods are more expensive, and to highlight the crystal clear effect, dazzling effect is more able to set off the noble quality of jewelry and is to be simple, generous, after all, to attract customers to the eye must be jewelry, rather than other decorative embellishment products.