How to make your jewelry store decor

Date:Mar 16, 2021

How to make your jewelry store decor? Jewelry will make beautiful women'fall in love at first sight'. More and more jewelry stores are appearing in downtown areas. In large shopping malls, jewelry mall kiosks also occupy an advantageous position.

How to use the light source to show the value of jewelry has increasingly become a concern for jewelers. When decorating stores or display cabinets in some jewelry stores, they generally only pay attention to the bright enough light to make the overall store feel gorgeous and magnificent, but ignore the proportional distribution of light sources, so that there is no difference between the main and non-subjects of the sales, and the counter is placed in the display counter. The jewels placed lack a sense of hierarchy. Just as flowers need green leaves to set off, no matter how beautiful jewels are, they need good light to set off their brilliance.

The  jewelry store decor actually has no style. The jewelry store manages high-end luxury goods, reflecting a sense of wealth. Therefore, when we design and decorate the jewelry store, we must be generous and rich, and configure lighting to create a harmonious and stable atmosphere, so as to achieve improve the effect of trading results.

1. Create a good consumption environment

If you go to a jewelry store, it is very noisy and you do not feel the feeling of enjoyment, you may leave immediately. The environment creation mainly starts with the feeling of the light and the relaxed environment. The light should not be directed at the human eye, but through the diffuser. Reflect to illuminate, experience the sofa to be relaxed and comfortable, and give customers a beautiful enjoyment.

jewelry shop display

2. The jewelry store decor should be environmentally friendly

Environmental protection is not only a requirement for home decoration, but also a requirement for jewelry store decoration. One of the important goals of the jewelry store design project is to build a environmentally friendly jewelry and diamond experience store and improve the supporting concealed projects. All supporting pipelines and equipment that are low in efficiency, high in energy consumption, and not conducive to environmental protection shall be comprehensively renovated and the surrounding environment beautifying and lighting. According to the overall jewelry store layout, the direction of hidden pipelines will be adjusted accordingly to lay a good foundation for the economic, safety, environmental protection and comfort of the overall operation of the jewelry and diamond experience store.

jewelry shop display furniture

3. The design concept should be new

The design of the jewelry store keeps up with the times, using the latest trend design concepts, highlighting the subjectivity and personality of the jewelry store management, and meeting the psychological needs of customers pursuing perfect comfort in a fast-paced society. You can find us  LianYi Display to customize a complete set of jewelry store design solutions, we provide one-stop customized services, from design to shop display furniture production to transportation and installation guidance, we will give you different services.

The following points should be met:

⑴. The jewelry showcases should not be placed at the exit

⑵. The color of the jewellery store cannot be set arbitrarily, it should be in line with the main theme of the jewellery store

⑶. The jewelry store door should not be too small but a little more atmospheric

⑷. There should be no too loud music in the jewelry store

jewelry store decor