How to make the cosmetics in the showcase attract customers who come and go

Date:Feb 20, 2019

In large and small shopping malls, display a variety of cosmetic display cabinets has become a must-go place for women shopping, beauty women in the face of all kinds of cosmetics temptation is always powerless to resist, the effect is important, exquisite packaging, tall on the display can also add a little persuasion in people's hearts.

How to make the cosmetics in the display cabinets attract customers who come and go, this is not only a marketing means, but also an art. Highlight artistic beauty.

The purpose of using the display cabinets is beautiful, cosmetic display so that clever furnishings and collocation, conducive to the promotion of brand art, but also in the hearts of customers to leave a good impression, especially high-end cosmetics, it is itself the combination of fashion and art, beautiful and generous artistic furnishings for the cosmetics themselves to add a lot of points. It's important at a glance. The use of display cabinets to show cosmetics is nothing more than to want to better attract customers, in addition to aesthetics, more taboo random furnishings.

According to people's viewing habits and visual effects, will be the main push products, popular products and other eye-catching display, is conducive to allowing customers to distinguish between the primary and secondary, a clearer understanding of the product, so as to effectively improve sales. Enhance the rich sense of the display cabinets. An influential cosmetic brand, not rely on a product to guide customers, give different customers different choices, so that they have a choice in consumption, but also to enable customers to generate trust.

Therefore, rich, complete, orderly cosmetic display is also very necessary. Cosmetic display cabinets to get customers ' attention, what must be done? Cosmetic stores, the width of the store is mostly within 2 meters, according to the average person's walking speed, passing the moment is about 10 seconds, how to catch the customer's eye in this short 10 seconds, is the cosmetic store needs to grasp the question.

How to stand in the customer's point of view to choose cosmetic display cabinets, so that cosmetic display cabinet real into cosmetics to promote the sale of powerful weapons.