How to make exhibition marketing work?

Date:Jan 30, 2019

In the face of the exhibition invitation, enterprises on whether to participate in the exhibition, exhibitors can bring what benefits to the enterprise, how to make full use of the information of the exhibition communication enterprises, how to compete with the strong opponent of the stage and so on a series of questions are confused.

This involves how to really make the show work. For the exhibition marketing planning, there are generally two different views and practices in the enterprise: some enterprises, including some well-known domestic enterprises, still can not get out of the extensive marketing management, often hastily fight, exhibition marketing work is not targeted, organizational planning is still in the imitation stage, lack of their own brand unique style, Unique sales propositions and other aspects of in-depth R & amp; d and innovation, another type of enterprises in the exhibition before the participation in the early time to develop a strict, even harsh exhibition marketing plan to guide the development of its work. But in most cases, the planned work is out of touch with the actual situation, consumer demand and social trend of the exhibition, so the effect of the exhibition is greatly discounted.

The reasons why exhibition marketing does not play its due role mainly focus on the following aspects: First of all, there is a lack of scientific and effective marketing work planning.

Facing a wide variety of exhibitions, failed to choose the timely, moderate and corporate marketing plan to match the exhibition, blindly exhibiting. Secondly, the lack of strategic planning, only the work of exhibition marketing as a transactional work treatment. Exhibitors in order to participate in the exhibition. What is the ultimate purpose of the exhibitor? To whom is the information to be disseminated at the exhibition? How do I attract a target audience? How to win the spread of the opponent?

Have not been considered in depth. Third, in the process of organizing and planning the exhibition, there is a lack of good communication between the internal decision management and the executive layer of the enterprise, and between the enterprise and the Foreign Coordination Unit, resulting in the deviation of the understanding of the organization mode and purpose of the exhibition planning. For example, enterprises want to promote the product, brand culture and the style of the booth, the way of organizing the event is disconnected.