How to make a successful mobile phone showcase

Date:Oct 14, 2020

Under the environment of market economy, the competition of all kinds of products is becoming more and more fierce, especially for various kinds of life commodities. It is very important to have an eye-catching and unique exhibition space in large shopping malls, while the vacancy in the shopping malls seems to be less and less. Therefore, if we can make good use of this exhibition space and let it play a more efficient role, it is the common concern of businesses and professional companies engaged in commercial decoration.

Here is a brief analysis of the aspects that need to be considered in the design of mobile phone display cabinet.

1. People's needs

When we design the mobile phone display cabinet, we should carry out according to people's needs, whether in the shape, color or decoration, pay attention to be consistent with people's visual communication effect.

2. Practicability

The design of mobile phone display cabinet should pay attention to whether the specific display space can be presented to people, how to better protect the mobile phone products and how to render the atmosphere better. When designing, the props display space should be reliable to avoid some other security risks.

3. Standardization

When we design, in addition to some special exhibition equipment design, we should follow certain standardization, generalization and systematization. At the same time, we should pay more attention to its easy transportation and preservation, and the simplicity and rationality of its structure should also be paid attention to.

4. Aesthetics

In the process of design and production, we should pay attention to whether the design is beautiful, attractive and natural. The display cabinet is used to display products. Therefore, in the design, we should reduce the use of complicated thread feet and flowers. In this way, we can better highlight the characteristics of the product. The design of the display cabinet is to better display the exhibition The products are highlighted, so the exhibition is our theme. Don't put the emphasis upside down. You can add the logo of the product to help customers find the desired target quickly.

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