How to distinguish the quality of jewelry showcase Glass

Date:Mar 30, 2019

As the display platform of the product, the importance of its selection is also very important.

And in the display cabinets jewelry display cabinets are also the most luxurious, so we choose jewelry display cabinets, not only to be beautiful, more need the quality of products. Identifying the quality of jewelry cabinets is a must-have skill for every jewelry merchant.

If you are a middleman or custom jewelry showcase for your BOSS, you should ensure the quality of the display cabinets.

So, how can you quickly see the quality of jewelry display cabinets good? Today to teach you from the jewelry showcase of the glass to identify the quality of the display cabinets.


1, Look at the type of glass See if the glass cover of the jewelry showcase is ultra-white glass or ordinary glass. Ordinary glass contains more impurities, looks green or blue, very affect the character of the product, ultra-bai Bo Transmittance is extremely high, bright without impurities, to the greatest extent to show the high-end texture of jewelry and delicate appearance.

The steel after the ultra-white glass, not only safe and durable, but also in the display of product characteristics have a unique advantage.

2, Look at the grinding edge of the glass Fine grinding glass edge smooth and delicate, ordinary grinding edge will have serrated, seriously affect the overall texture of the display cabinets, display cabinets of the grade is pulled down, the display of jewelry will also be eclipsed.

Jewelry display cabinets belong to high-grade display cabinets, glass technology must be fine grinding in order to present high-end temperament.

3, Look at the glass bonding Jewelry display Cabinets glass bonding should be the use of film-free glue, bonding can not produce bubbles, so as to ensure that the display cabinets of the noble air field, highlighting the charm of jewelry jewelry.