How to create a perfect clothing store by color decoration

Date:Oct 19, 2020

First of all, when we open a new clothing store, we must avoid using multiple colors at the same time when decorating the clothing stores, especially the main color should not exceed three colors, so as not to be messy and disrupt the effect of the dominant color. Avoid using high-chroma colors on a large area, so as not to make customers feel repulsive.

The use of color in the decoration of clothing stores should consider the principles of "Right time", "Right product", "Right place" and "Right person":

Right time

It means that the decoration color of the clothing store should be suitable for the season when the goods are sold. For example, when selling summer products, the decoration of the clothing store can be decorated with sky blue to express the sea and sky, and highlight the cool feeling.

Right product

The decoration color of the clothing store decoration should be in harmony with the goods, and should not create a sense of disharmony. Clothing and display furniture are matched with each other, and good display furniture can lead to higher sales of goods.

Right place

The color of the decoration of the clothing store should be consistent with the nature and style of the store, otherwise it will affect the image of the store and make it lose its personality.

Right person

In the color planning of the clothing store decoration, it is necessary to fully consider the target customer’s preference and sensitivity to color, so that after the customer enters the store, they can feel at first sight and have a relaxed and happy shopping mood.


This set of design uses the simplest store collocation, wood grain color background, with white and gold clothing display fixtures. If the area is highlighted, it used unobtrusive green to highlight key products, allowing customers to focus on this area.

Next, let's enjoy the design effect of our successful case of clothing store:

clothing store design.jpgclothing display fixtures