Five tips for book store and library display

Date:Mar 08, 2021

Book (stationery) display tips 1:  Clear at a glance

The types of books and stationery in bookstores should be distinguished according to their characteristics and functions. Art, science, and children’s books, as well as writing supplies, storage stationery, and art painting stationery should be displayed separately. Customers can know the structure of the store at the first time, and the management staff of the bookstore (stationery store) can also be very clearly know the detailed location of the goods piled up to facilitate inventory. The goods should face the customer in front, and the price tag needs to be obvious, as the starting point of the product location mark and the dividing line between neighboring products.

book store display

Book (stationery) display tips 2: Easy to choose

The display of books and stationery should enable customers to have comparative choices. The content, pattern, color, and size of similar products are different, so it is convenient for customers to distinguish and choose when displayed. The vertical display of a series of products will increase the sales volume of 20% to 80% of the products, which is convenient for customers to compare and choose.

book display stand.jpg

Book (stationery) display tips 3: Easy to pick and place

The location of books and stationery display should be appropriate and convenient. Light and small commodities are placed above the shelves, such as booklets and school bags; heavier and larger commodities are placed below the shelves, such as copy paper and paint boxes. For fragile commodities, check and take protective measures. Be careful not to super-high and super-large commodities on the ground. It is advisable not to exceed 1.4 meters in height. Do not store stocks near the ground and shelves. There are potential safety hazards such as easily overwhelming customers.

library shelf

Book (stationery) display tips 4: Neat and clean

The display racks of the book (stationery) store should be kept clean, and the shelves should be cleaned and cleaned up every once in a while. Keep the shelves clean and tidy at all times. All products must be clean and clean, free of damage, dirt, or dust, otherwise, customers desire to buy will be reduced.

Book (stationery) display tips 5: Product update

The product display location is in line with the customer's buying habits, and the product display in the sales area and special price area of some seasonal, festive periods, new products should be prominent and eye-catching, so that customers can understand the meaning of the products.

book store shelves.jpg