Display techniques of cosmetic display cabinets

Date:Mar 10, 2019

Cosmetic display cabinets are mainly used in shopping malls, supermarkets and other stores to show cosmetics, storage cosmetics, with a appearance of personality, powerful, but also have the advertising effect. To achieve a better profit purpose. To provide a better display platform for the brand.

1. Artistic Beauty

The display of cosmetic display cabinets should, under the premise of maintaining the independent aesthetic sense of cosmetics, make cosmetics cleverly laid out through artistic modeling, and reflect each other to achieve the artistic effect of the whole beauty. The method of display should be novel and unique, ingenious in conception, and have an unstoppable attraction for consumers.

Pay attention to certain aesthetic principles, beautiful, generous, symmetrical, coordinated, but also the appropriate use of some jewelry, such as the full use of artistic techniques to show the beauty of cosmetics.

2. Descriptive

Cosmetic display cabinets of various description information, such as price, cargo number, fabric, brand, origin, etc., should be comprehensive, true, to facilitate consumers to fully understand the cosmetic display products.

3. Project

In order to attract consumers, easy for consumers to visit the purchase, retail stores should be flexible according to the characteristics of cosmetics to choose the display site of cosmetics, display space, display location, stacking methods, etc., so that customers at a glance.

4, A sense of richness

Cosmetics belong to the purchase of goods, consumers in the purchase of the hope that there are more opportunities to choose, in order to its quality, style, color, price and so on serious comparison. In the display of cosmetics neat and orderly, complete goods, rich, so that consumers feel a large choice, and, the store has a thriving feeling.

5. Rationalization

According to the psychological requirements of consumers and shopping habits, for the same variety or the same series of cosmetic display cabinets should be displayed in the same location. The height of the display should be appropriate, easy for consumers to see the feelings, improve the visibility of cosmetics and positive visual effects.