Customized display cabinet

Date:Oct 08, 2020

With the improvement of the decoration level of the store, the decoration style of the store is also emerging one after another. Most of the display cabinets are difficult to meet the requirements of personalized decoration. Many display cabinets are beautiful and harmonious in the exhibition hall, which will be eclipsed once they are bought back. The display cabinet and the storefront space are not coordinated, and the display cabinet style does not conform to the overall decoration style. It has become an important customized service for consumers to provide personalized display cabinets (including, glass display cabinets, light mapping parts, decoration parts).

customized dislay cabinet

The customized display cabinet is a non-standard production display cabinet. The acceptance of customized display cabinet business and the delivery and use of products are the most critical nodes at the beginning and end of customized display cabinet production cycle. Usually, the beginning and the terminal are controlled by dealers. No matter how strong the production capacity and design capacity of exhibition cabinet enterprises are, it is impossible for enterprises to design every business of each store. They can only carry out standardized production according to the measurement and design of stores. Custom display cabinets are afraid of making mistakes, which will not only cause the loss of cost, but also lose the trust of consumers and the image of enterprises. Cause the depreciation of the brand. The design of the store is actually to match the color style of the customized display cabinet according to the requirements of consumers. Use function to design configuration and installation structure.

It is the same whether it is a cosmetic store, a clothing store, a shoe store or a jewelry store. There are different standards for the customization of the display cabinets. The display cabinets with different shapes match different products, so that each display cabinet can play its greatest role.

cosmetic shop display cabinet