Clever use of showcase to improve cosmetic sales

Date:Feb 15, 2019

1. The principle of Attraction  

When new cosmetic products are on the market, especially for some high-end brands, the general use of the principle of attraction is the most effective, so that not only can arouse the attention of customers, but also can be a good way to promote new products.

2. The principle of convenience

Store display is the most important is to be able to facilitate the customer, the direction of the main passenger flow, and the color of the exchange here can get a good embodiment of the fruit.

3. Collocation Principles

In the display of products to take full account of whether the combination of products, so that the guide in recommending products to do joint promotion, can improve sales.

In the display can introduce a concept of clothing display, a shelf on a single product can have different collocation, to pay attention to cosmetic combination optimization, the recommendation function to distinguish open, so that customers will gladly accept.

4. The principle of profitability

No matter what kind of shop, their daily work is to be able to profit, ' cosmetic display is going to help increase the sales of cosmetic stores ' this is undoubtedly a piece of crap, whether it is cosmetic shop or other industries are good, each store opened its purpose is very simple, is to sell, make money.

5. Principle at a glance

In the commodity display, the most important is in line with the customer's buying habits, only the commodity location display is significant, eye-catching, so that customers can see at a glance to understand the meaning of the goods, which is essential. If the customer doesn't even understand what your display is trying to say, it's like a white bother machine.