Cleaning and maintenance of glass display cabinet or glass showcase

Date:Oct 08, 2020

The display cabinet is mainly used to display jewelry, watches, collections, mobile phones, cosmetics and other products, so it is generally made of glass, which can bring better display effect. But the glass material is not resistant to dirt, easy to get stained, need to be cleaned regularly, then how can we wipe the glass of display cabinet more clean?

Today we talk about cleaning and maintenance of glass display cabinet or glass showcase.

glass display cabinet

1. Take the jewelry display case as an example. First, we should wipe the glass frame with a towel, then dip the diluted aqueous glass solution with the glass scraping, evenly smear the glass from the top to the bottom, and then repeat the above process. Scrape the glass frame from top to bottom with a glass scraper, and wipe the water marks left on the frame with a dry towel. The water marks on the glass must be wiped clean with glass.

2. It is not allowed to wipe the glass with acid agent. Immerse the water wiping device into the detergent solution in the water bucket. Use the water wiping device with soaked detergent solution to smear on the surface of glass decoration materials. Pay attention not to splash sewage on the surface of other decorative materials.

3. In order to keep the glass clean and bright, you can drop kerosene on the glass or dip chalk ash and gypsum powder in water to dry on the glass, and then wipe it with clean cloth or cotton. When wiping, it is better to wipe vertically on one side and horizontally on the other side, so as to easily find the places missing.

4. Do not hit the glass surface of the glass display cabinet or glass showcase with force at ordinary times. To prevent the glass surface from scratching, it is better to lay a tablecloth. When putting things on the glass, you should handle it with care and avoid collision. Once the ground glass with patterns is dirty, you can use a toothbrush dipped in detergent and wipe it in circles along the pattern to remove it.

5. If there is writing on the glass, it can be rubbed with rubber and then wiped with a wet cloth; if there is paint on the glass, it can be cleaned with cotton dipped in hot vinegar; if there is a clean dry cloth dipped in alcohol, the glass will be bright as crystal.

glass showcase

The above only represents personal views, more methods can be discussed through the Internet or consulting us to discuss more about cleaning and maintenance of glass display cabinet or glass showcase.